Vestax VCM-600 recognition problem in Live 7

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Vestax VCM-600 recognition problem in Live 7

Post by SpaceDub Productions BC » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:54 pm

15" Macbook Pro, 2.6Ghz Intel Core Duo, 4G Ram, 320G HDD
Mac OSX ~ Abelton Live 7.0.18 ~ MidiPipe 1.4.3
~ VCM 600 ~ Novation Launchpad ~

I have been using this gear and software above just fine for months now (Minus the LaunchPad and MidiPipe)

I add the Launchpad to my setup and have expected channel clashes.

I research online and find a useful blog
( ... chpad.html ) to explain how to route this problem away.

I download MidiPipe 1.4.3 and follow the directions exactly as posted at the blog.

It works for about 10 seconds, and then crashes Live.

Now every time I plug my 600 in it only seems to be receiving data.
Here is the list of things I did to troubleshoot.

1) I open MidiPipe and it only sees the 600 in the outputs not the inputs (where as before it showed up as an option under inputs)
2) 2) I open Live and find the same problem, and I open Live in 2 manners. First with MidiPipe running and secondly without it running, same results both times.
3) I open Live and I check the 600 itself by running the level faders up one at a time and trying various knobs on each channel to see what the results were, each time the “DATA SEND” light on the top right corner of the 600 reacted properly with the coinciding hardware movements, yet nothing on Live, nor was Live capable of midi assignment VIA the midi assign control in side Live.
4) I then inside Live itself played tracks, soloed channels, muted channels, and changed cross-fader assigns, essentially all controls with corresponding lights on the 600 itself, the 600 received the data in a timely fashion and lights corresponding to software action then activated.
5) This whole time there is no change in the Lives Preferences >> Midi/Sync window
a. Shows up in, control surface column, nothing in input column, shows up in output column (whereas before it showed up in all 3 columns)
b. In MIDI PORTS, shows up only as an output, (whereas before it showed up as an input as well
6) . Next I go into my Mac itself via APPLICATIONS >> UTILITIES >> AUDIO MIDI SETUP >> MIDI DEVICES. The 600 apears in the devices list, when I look at the icon in comparison to my other devices (Keyrig 49,Launchpad,VCI-300) ?-Not using these at the same time, that’s just how they show up in the list when they are in use, there is only one directional arrow below the icon whereas the other devices have 2, I am assuming these arrows represent ins and outs. With what I assume is the out arrow appearing on the 600.
7) I then try a new USB cable.
8) Should be noted that I have not used any external sound cards, nor have I used a USB hub of any kind.
9) I then re-download and re-install Abelton Live 7.
10) I then re-download and re-install MidiPipe.

I am now at a loss at what could be wrong that I can fix, it seems that at this point it is some kind of a hardware failure on the part of the VCM-600, what is my next step and do you have any suggestions or fixes?

I have also taken my unit to my studio were I am running a PowerMac G4 1.66Ghz with Live 8, same exact issues ……….

Also is there a master reset of some kind for the VCM-600?
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Re: Vestax VCM-600 recognition problem in Live 7

Post by MarcL » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:57 pm

I have the same problem using midipipe, i solve the VCM removing the icon from the midi device window-restarting my mac-and once i replugged the vestax it was working fine.
The problem is that i cannot do the same on my launchpad and now Ableton doesn't recognise it!!!
Any help will be appreciated thanks