weird DVD authoring problem with Live exported wavs

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weird DVD authoring problem with Live exported wavs

Post by cosypete » Tue May 25, 2010 7:43 am

Hi, guys,

a bit of a weird one here. I am using Live 8 to write my music. I export it as a 16 bit wav and then import them in to my Sony Vegas movie studio 9 platinum edition. I'm writing some meditation music so I am putting visuals to the music I have written in Live. I export it as an mpeg 2 great no problems. Everything plays great on the computer. Someone wanted the same piece of video but on a DVD. I burnt it using the DVD architect and the weirdest thing happened. The audio of the music I had ripped from a CD played great. The audio from my camcorder played great but the music I had written in live was all over the place - volumes dropping and rising and very noticeable.

Am I doing something wrong when I am exporting from Live. Why is only the Live audio that causes the problem when authoring to DVD ?

I really don't understand.

If this is a bit too weird then I'm sorry but if you know of any video forum sites that you would recommend then I would appreciate it. I have tried to register at the Sony sites but can't - far too complicated.

Cheers for any help

Cosy Pete