Live 7.16, MOTU symphonic screen

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Live 7.16, MOTU symphonic screen

Post by zazamoth » Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:50 pm

HI there,

I'm In Dire need of some help please!

I have just Installed Motu Symphonic Inst on to my laptop with Live 7.16

System specs..

Dell Inspiron 1545, Win Vista 64 bit home Prem, 4 gb Ram, Core 2 duo, 2.00

Audio Cards: M audio ozone, M-audio fast-track ultra 8r
Keys and Midi: M-audio Axiom 61, Korg Kontrol Pad.

OK, So here is my problem, on my other computer Running Xp with live and Motu Symphonic, I have no problems at all.

But on my laptop Every time I try to start up live, after installing and Moving(copy) the .DLL to the plug in's folder. My computer is Crashing , going straight to blue Screen.

If I remove the DLL from the Plug in's Folder..Then I can open live again. But the Second I put The MOTU DLL back in the Folder and try to open Live..Instant blue screen. I'm getting quite worried about this!

Now I have two Program Flies Folders..

1: Program Files 2: Program Files (x86)

My plug in's Folder is in the First Folder
Where as Ableton and MOTU is in the Second.

This has never Caused a Problem Before but I thought I should Mention it just in case.

Could someone please help me to fix this I have been at it on and off for two days and it's driving me crazy

Many thanks for reading and any help anyone could give me would be great. thank you!!

(I should point out I have no problems running Live on Vista 64 or any of the other plug in's)
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