Current Beta Version: Live 8.1.5b2 (updated July 22, 2010)

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Current Beta Version: Live 8.1.5b2 (updated July 22, 2010)

Post by Amaury » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:02 am


The current beta version of Live is 8.1.5b2

OS X: ... _815b2.dmg
Windows: ...

Just a reminder that nowadays beta versions are optimized the same as release version, so they should perform exactly the same as release version. Also, beta versions don't expire anymore.

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- Unwarped clips could be placed incorrectly after opening a Live set, if the set was saved after changing the global tempo without first confirming the change with the Enter key or by clicking somewhere else in the interface.

- Fixed a visual bug that made MIDI clips all black, while recording, before the first note was input.

- Fixed a crash when observing 'has_stop_button' of a GroupTrackSlot via M4L GroupTrackSlot.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a Group preset containing an AU plugin that is missing.

- Fixed a crash that could occur with clips warped in Beats mode, Transients and back and forth envelope settings, when the loop extends outside the sample data.

- Fixed a bug where typing a tempo in the BPM field of a warped clip would give a slightly wrong number (i.e. you type "100" and "100.0001" gets entered", which led to some neutrality problems.

- Various other stability improvements.
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