Audio editor not saving files when launched from Live

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Audio editor not saving files when launched from Live

Post by m127 » Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:14 am

Simple, I use SoundForge to edit files but since I got Live, when I click the Edit button from the clip view to launch SoundForge, everything works, except saving the fucking file. All this under Windows 7 in case it matters. And before the blame falls on SoundForge, this happens with other audio editors. The only way to get out of the editor is undoing any changes and leave the file untouched.

When using SoundForge standalone, I can save any edits with no problems.

Theoretically, the audio file should go off line, then any edits are applied in the editor, file saved, and then Live should get it online again... That is a standard operation. But no, no edits are possible because I can't save the edits, so there's no use for the edit button and any audio editor.

I am so fucking sick of these little intricacies about which there is no explanation anywhere.

Live manual = zero information on this
SoundForge manual = zero information on this

This is a technicality that should be covered in a TECHNICAL manual about an audio program.

Could somebody please reveal this oh god so great mystery?

Honestly, if I sound pissed, it's because I am fucking pissed with this crap. I can't work comfortably like this. Every fucking DAW program I try, always the same fucking story of mysteries here and there. FL Studio, Cubase, etc. and now Live, all of them are not properly documented.

Developers, PLEASE, get it already, DOCUMENTATION is HALF of your development responsibilities.

Now go ahead and ban me for telling you what you should already know... oh yeah I am so mean for cursing and being pissed... yeah fucking right, at least I don't charge anyone for my cursing, and if I were to, it would work the way it should and the fucking cursing would be marvelously documented in the appropriately written cursing manual.

Ban me, but document EVERYTHING properly and don't waste my fucking time.

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Re: Audio editor not saving files when launched from Live

Post by Ableton_David » Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:47 pm

Hi, a couple questions: do you have the latest update to SoundForge? Second, have you been in touch with Ableton Technical Support about your issues? You can contact Ableton technical support here: Thank you.