Difficulties in Backup Unlock.cfg In Live8

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Difficulties in Backup Unlock.cfg In Live8

Post by dave.tyj » Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:45 pm

Greeting everyone who are reading this post,

My laptop Specs:
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 1.83ghz
Previous Operating System: Windows7 Ultimate 32bits
Current Operating System: Windows7 Ultimate 64bits

when my laptop is running too many programs it make my live8 crash couple times and i decided to format it and let my laptop run only live8 and serato scratch live.
i was told to backup the unlock.cfg files in order to save my 2nd authorization for my future macbook and d problem occur.
i backup d unlock.cfg b4 i format my laptop and i keep it in my external harddrive.
after i format and installed the new operating system (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits), i installed d live 8.2.1 but the folder (users\yourname\appdata\roaming\ableton) is not there. I was told to open the live8 for the 1st time and the folder will be create.
i did and the folder is created, i copy back the unlock.cfg to the folder but it doesn't work.
and now i wasted my 2nd authorization yet i need to format again because sampletank 2.5 doesn't work on abletone live8 running on Windows 7 64bits..

i had email ableton team about my probs and now waiting 4 reply.

somehow i still wanna know the right way of backup the unlock.cfg, maybe i done it wrong previously.
pls feel free to post a reply on my topic ok.


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Re: Difficulties in Backup Unlock.cfg In Live8

Post by ampman117 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:17 pm

I have not actually backed up the unlock cfg file, but was the version of live that you backed up version 8.2.1? maybe if the unlock was from an earlier version of live 8 that could cause a problem when you tried using it with 8.2.1 ? It could also be that because your os changed (32 bit to 64 bit), the old unlock no longer worked....if you are moving back to 32 bit maybe the unlock you have will work again?

It might be worthwhile saving both your new and old unlock file in case it IS tied to the windows version...I'm not certain though, just guessing...

Also, I have used all my authorizations before, as I have done same type of thing as you, where I reformat my drive, or upgrade my system, etc. Ableton was super quick about providing additional authorization to me after I contacted them, so dont worry too much :)

(I agree that backing up the authorization file is much more convenient though)

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Re: Difficulties in Backup Unlock.cfg In Live8

Post by Ableton_David » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:54 pm

Hi, in situations like this, where you just need another unlock to keep running Live on one of your own two machines, you can get another unlock by emailing authorize@ableton.com and explaining your situation.

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Re: Difficulties in Backup Unlock.cfg In Live8

Post by dave.tyj » Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:55 am

Greeting everyone,

Thanks for the replies David and Amp, i'm not gonna reformat my laptop again just to use the VST Plug-In, i'll just wait 4 a proper 64bits VST Plug-In from IK Multimedia to release then only i get..
In case if in the future the error occur again, just follow like what David said, format the laptop and for further authorization just email the ableton team again.
Review was saying 64bits is way faster than 32 and i got 4GB of ram, of course i want to fully utilized it :mrgreen:

Best Regards,
Dave Tan