Axiom pro hypercontrol

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Axiom pro hypercontrol

Post by pattybumba » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:04 am

Thinking about getting this midi keyboard/controller, but I've been trying to see if hypercontrol works with ableton online but haven't found anything about it. Would i be better off getting axiom 2nd gen? I'm not getting a novation or akai as where I am they have education prices for axioms and not novation or akai making them cost twice as much. So just wondering wether the pro or the 2nd gen axiom map best on ableton.

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Re: Axiom pro hypercontrol

Post by Eunjihan » Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:04 pm

I don't know anything about the axiom second generation. But hypercontrol is a handy little bit of firmware. For instance I can toggle between session and arrangement view, go up and down the session view and select individual clips, and I can load audio or midi tracks with the touch of one of the numberpad buttons. Also, I have the drumpads configured so that they can play impulse while in hypercontrol (thanks to the new firmware update) and when I switch to transport mode (using the edit button and pressing 0) I can use them to give ASCII commands like 'open', 'close', 'save', 'export', 'preferences' and so on.
Hypercontrol works pretty well with ableton. You can even adjust your EQ8 pretty well with the encoders on the asiom pro 49. However, if you are working with Collision or Electric, not all the parameters are covered so you will find yourself moving between encoders and the mouse if you want to adjust the more obscure parameters.

All in all, the axiom pro is a pretty good choice for ableton, but an even better one if you working with Pro Tools as it was specifically designed for it.

I hope that answers your question.