Settings to convert vinyl

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Settings to convert vinyl

Post by pietercape » Sun May 01, 2011 4:15 pm

I am a newby to Live. I am setting out to convert my vinyl collection.My CD collection has been done (and what a job that was.) Here is my setup:

Rega Turntable>Graham Slee Gram Amp 1>Audiophile2496>Dell Inspirion Quad Core Intel2.5Mhz 4gb ram>Zennheizer Classic 11 Headphones. The motherboard Soundcard is a Realtek High Definition and I use a Cantatis Overture 192 PCI soundboard for playback (expensive but worth every penny!)

I have run a few test recordings of Classical music (needs much dynamic range) using the 16kbps Realtek at 48 and 96khz and Audacity. As Audacity is restricted to 16kbps inputs and upsamples to 24kbps/32kbps float I installed the Audiophile 2496 and switched to Ableton Live Lite expecting an audible improvement. So far with no success. I am sure that I am not using the optimum settings which are:

Audiophile 2496 set to Audio 1/2 in, 48 or 96khz and gain set to peak in the -6 to -3db range (no clipping seen)

Live set to recognize the Audiophile with the DX suffix (whatever that is), not the WAV which results in pops/clicks and awful sound and matching bit/sample rates. I am recording in the Arrangement view and am exporting Wav files and using MediaMonkey to convert to Flac. I am not using the Monitor infeed as I want the purest possible signal from the ADC.

While the eventual file sizes and bitrates between Live and Audacity are similar I cannot say that there is an audible improvement despite the greater bitrate used in the Audiophile/Live recordings.

What is the difference between the DX and Wav inputs in the Live Audio device setting?

What is the purpose of the Analysis file and can I use it? (I am only converting vinyl)

Is there any way to drag the waveform down vertically to increase the size of the recorded waveform so as to better see the Dynamic range? (The guru's on this forum will now know just how much of a newby I am by this description!)

Please Help! I do not want to abandon my Delta 2494 and live but converting to digital is a BIG job and I would like to get it right from the start.

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Re: Settings to convert vinyl

Post by longjohns » Thu May 05, 2011 3:18 am

live is probably not the best application to do straight vinyl transfers, but I reckon it should be fine for it

I think you mean "bits" not "kbps"

hitting red on the meters of the Live channels should not matter. just don't clip the inputs on your sound card. and don't clip the Live master.

Check in the Live preferences, that your default warp mode is "beats", which should keep you safe. Feel free to disengage the warp button on a clip after making a recording. There is no way to avoid the warp button being active on a new recording.

DX should mean "directX" or "directsound" IOW windows-based audio processing. My guess about "WAV" is that it is equivalent to ASIO which is a driver scheme which bypasses the windows mixer. The latter is preferred, but for recording single audio files one at a time, it should not matter (?)

The analysis files (.asd) should be of no use to you if this is all you're doing.

Try resizing the arrangement lane to view a taller waveform (seeing the dynamic range)