Questions about my multiple licenses

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Questions about my multiple licenses

Post by Manbruns » Tue May 03, 2011 2:06 am

I have multiple licenses for Ableton Products.

One online account has:
1x Ableton Live 8 (purchased from Ableton online store)

Another online account has:

1x Live Lite 8 Akai Edition (came with an Akai MPK25)

1x Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition (came with an Akai APC40)

I have a couple of questions about different subjects:

Regarding the Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition- Is this version upgradeable? When I try, it gives me Live Lite, which does not have 20 rows(scenes), it only has something like 6 or 8, which is not acceptable for me.

I have 3 computers and I would like to use my licenses as follows: 2 computers with the Live 8 (full version purchased on and one computer with the Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition. These are both on separate online accounts and I did not upgrade from one to the other. This should all be fine but brings me to my question:

I have my Live 8 full version installed on 2 of the computers currently, and I want to switch one of the two allowed installs from one PC to my new laptop. Since I can't 'De-activate' a license on any computer, I'm worried that I'll be breaching the terms I agreed to which stated I can have my Ableton Live 8 installed on 'TWO COMPUTERS' maximum. Will uninstalling beforehand be enough?

Now that I've explained my situation, I'll clearly state each question:

1. Can I upgrade -Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition (came with an Akai APC40)-, without losing the ability to use 20 scenes?

2. Can I freely switch which computers I have -Ableton Live 8- (purchased from Ableton online store) installed on?

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Re: Questions about my multiple licenses

Post by longjohns » Thu May 05, 2011 4:49 am

I don't know about the upgrade-ability of a particular product-specific intro version, but in general the whole idea of the shop being tied to your licenses is that you can only see the available upgrades & products for those licenses. so...

probably if you upgraded to lite, then that license would then show upgrades for the full version?? but it's weird that it doesn't show a full upgrade.


as far as the licensing on multiple computers - there is a certain degree of good faith which they entrust you with. the license allows installation on two computers so long as they are not used simultaneously (the idea is to allow a studio workstation and a performance laptop, or etc)

that does not mean that you will hit a wall after two unlock challenges. just uninstall the program on the 3rd computer.. they have always been very responsive when I've needed additional unlocks, so long as I have reasonable explanations (OS reinstall, new hardware, etc.)