Upgrade issue

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Upgrade issue

Post by pete.m » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:12 pm


I've had Live 8 Launchpad Edition for several months now and just purchased the upgrade to Live 8 (not Suite). I downloaded and ran the installer, then authorized via the internet. When I run Live, it's still running the Launchpad Edition, with the associated limitations that the full version should have eliminated. When I look on my authorizations page on the web site, I have 2 licenses shown, one for Live 8.22 and one for Live 8 LE. How can I get the full version to run and get rid of the Launchpad Version? I've deleted and reinstalled a couple times and tried authorizing online and off-line, no luck. I'm on a Mac running 10.6.8.



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Re: Upgrade issue

Post by ShelLuser » Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:00 pm

This may sound odd but are you sure you're using the right version of Live ?

When you upgrade Live for example you basically end up with 2 separate versions of the program. So if you'd install Live to its default installation folder and then used the shortcut you already had (so I assume) then it would most likely still point to the launchpad edition and not the new version.

Before we go on: I'd start by securing your library, unless you didn't make any specific presets or such in the Launchpad edition. What I mean is making sure you know where its located and that nothing happens to it.

Now; best way to solve this IMO is by uninstalling both versions of the program, get the installer for the latest version from the Internet (for example here (link)). Ignore that it says "trial", you'll still end up with the real deal because you have a license (and as such can unlock it) and install that.

After you're done start it and if it doesn't already recognize that you have licensed it try authorizing it again using the Internet. Either by using the "Authorize on ableton.com" in the preference screen (see the user license tab) or by using the "authorize live" on the Ableton website.
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