How to send a specific frequency to an effect, and back

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How to send a specific frequency to an effect, and back

Post by jsrobinson » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:14 am

Hi all,

I've searched for awhile for a way to do this to no avail. At minute 6:47 of this video: - the producer explains an effect by which he selects a specific frequency, sends it to an effect of choice, and then sends the effect "back to itself".

In Live 8 what would be the best way to achieve this? Would it require a specific VST or can Live handle it natively? How would I select the frequency, and only that to the effect, and then bounce it back to itself to create a similar style effect?

Many thanks for any input to point me in the right direction.

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Re: How to send a specific frequency to an effect, and back

Post by antarktika » Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:19 am

you don't need anything besides ableton, this is just a basic explanation to point you in the right direction, as I'm not an ableton ninja or anything, but you just need to drag in an audio effect rack onto the channel you want to effect, then right click in the little show/hide chain list (the symbol with the little bars with dots next to them), choose "create chain" twice, one of those chains will be your clean signal, leave that one alone, on the other, use a multi-band dynamics device, bandpass filter, or EQ, basically anything that will filter out most of the frequencies, select a frequency band, then drop the desired effect onto that chain after whatever you used to filter out the unwanted frequencies, and you will have your clean signal mixed with your effected frequency band
This tutorial should help:
also, this: ... eton-live/

*EDIT- for some reason I totally missed the "and back" in this question, the above is only really good for frequency splitting, not the feedback delay.
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Re: How to send a specific frequency to an effect, and back

Post by rbmonosylabik » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:15 am

The frequency selection and boosting is simply done with the parametric EQ in the mixer, which lets you select a frequency with one knob and cut it or boost it with a 2nd one. This can be done with one band of EQ8.

The sending to an effect, then having it be sent back into itself is a bit more complicated, but not too much, just requires a bit of routing. Here's how it works in an analog mixer:

The normal routing for time based effects such as Delays and Reverbs on an analog mixer is to plug them into one of your Aux Sends and their output to an Aux Return. This give you an easy to manage signal chain with little chance of unwanted signal feedback. But if you want to have more control over the sound of your effect and want the ability to feed its output back into its input, you can plug the effect output into one of the mixer's channels instead of the Aux Return. This gives you EQ and its own set of Send knobs, one of which goes to the effect input, which is what he's using in the video.

When using it with a delay, it works as your Delay's Feedback knob, controlling the level of the delay's signal back into the delay input, giving you more repetitions. But this routing also allows you to shape the sound of each repetition, making each one sound a bit different. For example, if you add a bandpass filter, each repetition the filtering will be steeper, and if you turn up your Send knob, it'll go as far as turning your sound into a single tone (which can get really loud fast, be careful).

To do this inside Live, you don't need to do a lot as sends can have plug ins in them, so they're not all that different than normal tracks. Just add a Send track, add an EQ 8 and a Simple Delay to it. Set the Simple Delay's Feedback to 0 and Dry/Wet to 100% and set its timing however you want. I recommend linking the L and R delays and using the Synced time subdivisions to start. Then, enable it's own Send in the Return track (right click on the Send knob and select Enable Send). Leave it turned down for now.

Now, play a clip on a track in Live, and turn up the track's Send knob to your delay. You should get a single repetition. Then, on the Return channel, slowly turn up it's own Send knob, and listen how you gradually get more repetitions. Play around with the EQ and notice how it shapes the current repetition and the ones coming. Remember to keep an eye on your levels, this can get really loud.

Check out this video by the Covert Operators, it goes into more detail of what you can do with effects between each repetition. ... cks/Page-4

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