[delete]Assign Sample Start in sampler to macro control?

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[delete]Assign Sample Start in sampler to macro control?

Post by modecai » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:20 am

edit: found the answer on the forum. Should have searched; guilty! :oops:

Hello everybody,

quick question.

I want to sample some notes on my guitar... Let's say a C scale. AFter doing so, I want to be able to control the sample start with a knob of the samples, so that as I play I can adjust timbre and what not for some interesting ambient stuff with my monome. so basically my monome will be triggering my sampled guitar cahnging intervals, and I want to sort of "play" it with a set of knobs controlling various macros. Is there no way to map the start of a sample in sampler? Am I missing something, becasue I'm pretty sure you can do it in simpler. I haven't done a lot of sampling, and hopefully i'm just missing something.

If i'm not being clear, let me know and i'll try and rephrase.