manually opening a project's saved undo history?

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manually opening a project's saved undo history?

Post by samtastic » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:32 am

hey everyone,

I've got two queries:

how can I manually open a recently-crashed project based upon the saved undo history?

and how can I avoid hitting the 4GB ram limit imposed by 32-bit apps?

more details:

i'm working on an edit of a track at the moment. as I'm working with a wav-file of a stereo bounce, I'm working entirely with audio clips (no midi clips, no soft-synths).

None of the clips are in RAM mode. And warping is set to re-pitch on all of them.

the problem is that I'm constantly hitting the 4gb ram/ 32-bit memory limit. I'm on a Mac and using Menu Meters to watch my RAM usage. As it gets to around 4GB used, I know that I'm hitting the limit, before Live will start crashing (it's pretty stable up until then - Live 8.2.5).

With my audio-only edit (which requires around 4GB of RAM), every time I try to save the project, it crashes. Upon re-opening it, I get asked if I'd like to recover my work from the saved undo history. If I select yes, it continues on from where I was and all is ok - apart from the fact that I cannot save the project!

every time I try to save, it crashes!

so now I've got a whole bunch of temp files (the saved undo history, I guess?) in the project folder.

Does anyone know of a way to manually open these temp files? That is, how can I get Live to open the project including the saved undo history?

I've had to work on a different project in between crashes and now Live isn't asking me if I want to open the project based on

Until Live is released as a 64-bit app, the 4gb RAM limit is going to be a constant restriction on how far a project can be pushed (which is ok; it's good to have some restrictions, that way you can say, 'ok, this track is done, because I can't do any more to it without driving myself mental!').

For future reference, does anyone have any tips for lessening how much RAM Live uses? I've tried turning off 3rd party plug-ins and disabling FX I'm not using, but this doesn't seem to have much impact.

The Live User Manual doesn't give any tips on RAM (apart from avoid loading a lot of audio clips to RAM -which I'm not doing).

If anyone has any tips, please speak up : )



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Re: manually opening a project's saved undo history?

Post by samtastic » Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:11 am

So it's been a few days and I still haven't been able to open the project.

Anyone got any tips? I reckon someone before me must have had a similar conundrum.

Have also gotten in touch with Ableton tech support. no reply as yet - maybe the NYE after-after-parties are still raging in Berlin? ;)