Cpu and audio dropout questions

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Cpu and audio dropout questions

Post by 9:45 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:02 am

Okay so i recently bought a brand new asus u52f notebook and I have had it for about a month and its was working perfectly with ableton live until the other day... I have an i5 460 dual core intel processor in my notebook with 4 gigs of ram and a 5400 rpm hdd. Now when i first started using live i could have like 12 tracks on my mixer filled up with effects and vst plugins and sends what not, and my cpu would only be at about 10-15% with no audio dropouts or noticeable latency. About a few weeks ago i was starting to notice that there where alot of drop outs going on in my audio and there was a double increase of my cpu power running at anywhere from 15%-30% it was worrying me because i would go to older sets that where working fine with the same effects and tracks that used to work at 10-15% was now double and had pops and cracks in it. So i looked up on youtube on how to optimize your notebook pc for audio programs and it fixed all my problems and it worked great again and was working flawlessly. Now the next morning when i woke up and wanted to create sounds in ableton i load up a new set and drag in impulse to a track. Before i did that i noticed that my cpu was already 4% when i opened the program and then when a tried to make a drum pattern with impulse and liked what i heard i looked to the cpu meter and it went allllll the way up to 56%!!!!!! and the quality of the audio was so bad so many pops and clicks i was so pissed off... So i went to my song that i was working with 12 tracks i play a instance of impulse, operator, and a few audio tracks and the cpu is at 70$ when playing 5-6 tracks... The worst part of all this is that i have my first gig in like a week at this venue. There is no way i can play live in the condition my computer is in right now i dont know why this is acting this way i just bought a brand new computer and everything and ableton live... so i invested like $1000 on a pc and ableton live and i have my first show and i dont know why my computer is being like this ive never have such a problem with cpu spikes in my life before and i have never seen ableton live act like this at all... does anyone have any suggestions on what may have happend? Is there some sort of solution to this problem that i am overlooking at all? i dont know what to do at all. I reversed all of the pc optimized controls that i saw on youtube and it has the same problems still, i have realtek high definition audio for my audio driver btw to...

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Re: Cpu and audio dropout questions

Post by SpeedKing » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:22 am

Sorry, I don't have any solution to this. But I'd love for someone more knowledgeable than myself to help you out. I've been having pop/click issues that I suspected have been building over time. Similar (thought not to your extent) to your situation.