Having trouble recording controller data with Sylenth

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Having trouble recording controller data with Sylenth

Post by bishbo2000 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:14 am

This may take awhile to explain.

From my controller I am able to manipulate any controllable parameter in Sylenth but I have to go about it in two ways.

1. Assign a controller the CC number as stated in the manual for Sylenth, for example CC 71 is for Cutoff, so I make the control surface transmit CC71.

2. Not all parameters in Sylenth have pre assigned midi CC numbers. So to work around this I use the "Configure" button in the Ableton plugin window for Sylenth, assign a bunch of parameters to there (Filter Envelope's ADSR for instance) and then by using Midimap I can assign the control surface knobs/faders to those.

When done I can control the whole sylenth and jam away. Ok so lets say I have two instances of Sylenth.

Now i want to record a pass of me tweaking the filters and stuff in Arrangement view.

On the track I want to record on I select midi input, hit record and Overdub and play away, only ableton isnt recording the data uder the names like cutoff, amp env etc in the automation lane, instead it is writing into the clip envelopes at clip level with no refernce as to what is being shown when I open it up (no names like cutoff etc, just a number, so i don't know what I am looking at)
Another problem is that those parameters I set up using method two above, are continuing to be written to even if i am not working on that track, its as if thos parameters are now hardwired to the controller . This is different to the Ableton plugs like operator who, once you change track, and change the midi input, they become dormant.


Anybody know of a solution or something i am doing wrong here?