Using APC 40 and NI Maschine both for controlling Live ?

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Using APC 40 and NI Maschine both for controlling Live ?

Post by Funky Dope » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:28 pm

Hi Abletoners

I have the APC 40 and boght me the Native Instruments Maschine also.
Both very funny pieces, so far.

Now I want to use them both and simultanously as Controllers in Ableton.

I want the APC for launching Clips and FX Treatment and want the Maschine to controll the
Ableton Drum Racks and trigger the Drumpads with the Maschine.

To not missunderstand me - I know that I can use the Maschine Controller in Ableton by a default Template.
But this is not the way I want to go.
I want the APC40 as "Master-Controller" and the Maschine only for the Pads in the Drumracks (for the beginning).

Can someone tell me what to select in the Preferences ?

In the Interface-Folder is no Maschine - but there is APC40
And in the Input/Output-Folders there is the Maschine-Controller but no APC40.

That confuses me a little :roll:

Could someone be so kind and show me the right way to configure ????

Thank you very much.

Funky Dope 8)