Live Lite 4 Problem

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Live Lite 4 Problem

Post by ben willis » Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:30 pm

I was sent a disc of Live Lite 4 back in 06' by M-Audio's support people after purchasing an M-Audio Fast Track. I've used it for all of my recording since. I printed out the users Manuel (all 300+ pages), studied and got pretty proficient at using the software. I have always intended to buy the full version, but haven't been able to afford it even though I've been using the Live Lite for almost 6 years now. I still can't afford it.

Here is my problem. I made a recording yesterday. When I attempted to "Render To Disc" I was prompted that I was denied access to the Ableton file, but I could send the recording to my computers "Documents" file. I thought that maybe the Ableton "Factory Settings" file may be full and attempted to delete unneeded recordings. I was denied access. I could still open a new file but it was a "Demonstration" and I couldn't export the recording. As a last resort today I removed the Live Lite software knowing that I would lose all of my saved recordings and tried to reinstall it with the Live Lite disc. It didn't work so now I don't have the recording software that practically taught me how to produce music.

I don't know if this is Abletons way of saying that it's time to spend some money for a full version or if this problem is common. As I said, I still can't afford a full version. I've always given Ableton great reviews on other forums. I hope that someone has had a similar problem and can give me some insight. It could possibly be a computer problem. Thanks, Ben