Varied quantization of recorded audio, please help

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Varied quantization of recorded audio, please help

Post by bhc303 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:21 am

Hi, I am experiencing varied quantization of recorded audio from external synths.

I am recording a whole bunch of different things with the same random quantization results, I record 5 different takes with the same track delay compensation and settings, though when you zoom in on different recordings the quantization varies from one recording to the other with in the same track/clip :(

I did several takes from the same midi clip spitting out a 16th note piece (default saw) from my virus with no track delay compensation, each run the recorded audio was completely different, some falling premature of the down beat and other takes were falling later with no changes &one take was tight???

I Set my machinedrum up to do a 4 beat bar with a track delay compensation of 13 ms (triggered from a four beat midi clip in live triggering the mahinedrum like a sound module), I had the same results as the virus.

Every time the track delay compensation needed to be adjusted, one take would be nice and tight with 13 ms, then I would find I would have to adjust the track delay compensation maybe + or - 5ms, then I noticed every beat was falling slightly different in the same recording, again ether on time or slightly premature of later???

why would this be happening?

Mac OS X 10.6.8

Motu ultralite (not mk 3)

Thanks in advance :D