Apc 40 - syncing with CDJs plus recommend some nice delay Fx

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Apc 40 - syncing with CDJs plus recommend some nice delay Fx

Post by AndyG77 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:44 pm

I've had my APC 40 and ableton 8.2 for a while now and never had any issues. It works beautifully. However, this weekend I got together with some friends to have a bit of a mess around. They were all using the CDJs and I was on the APC40. Playing 4 or 5 tunes each swapping back and forth and here's where I encountered the problem.

Firstly there was a second delay when fireing off a track so no matter how I tried I was hard to get them in sync straight away. I could get them back in time using the nudge buttons - no problem I carried on. Then when I went to cue up my next track everything was out of time and I didn't know how to get ableton back in sync - had to go back to the CDJs to carry on. Then when I restarted ableton everything was fine.

Anyone have any tips as to how I can get an instant fire on my tracks (I selected none on the top nav - normally have it on 1/4t) but no luck and about generally going back and forth between CDJs etc.

Also, can anyone recommend so nice delay reverb effect - the basic ping pong is a lot quieter when used so changes the volume noticeably and the opposit happens with the flanger.

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Re: Apc 40 - syncing with CDJs plus recommend some nice delay Fx

Post by yur2die4 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:02 pm

You probably want to use it this way:

1. Use the Play/Stop buttons on the device to start/stop Ableton Live itself, instead of individual clips. Then you don't have to worry about quantization, because everything will be synced.

2. Assign the Cue knob to the master Tempo. It has relative control and can change tempo in fine increments. Think of it sort of as your Pitch on a turntable.

3. "Tap Tempo" button to get a rough idea of the tempo of wha you are about to match up to. He faded out on the mixer, listen via the cue from the dj mixer. Have either a track, metronome, or very distinguishable loop triggered. (when I say triggered, I mean launch it then hit stop right away so that when you hit Play, that clip will launch as if it is cued up). Then you can check out your tempo on the phones, adjust with your new Tempo knob, stop it. Rub your hands together, find your drop-in point. Hit Play, fade in and nudge around. You're good to go.

So basically, don't have your set already Playing and then try to drop a track in. You aren't taking advantage of any of Live's capabilities.