Using multiple QWERTY keyboards to control Live 8?

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Using multiple QWERTY keyboards to control Live 8?

Post by sdownie » Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:21 pm

I am running Live 8 on an iMac (OS 10.6). I have the Apple Wireless QWERTY keyboard, a cheap generic wired USB QWERTY keyboard, and a Targus wired USB numeric keypad. I'd like to use all of the buttons on those keyboards independently to map to various Live triggers.

Right now, if I assign lower-case "q" to a clip, it will be triggered if I press "q" on either QWERTY keyboard. I would like to distinguish the "q" on Keyboard 1 from the "q" on Keyboard 2.

By using Caps Lock, I can get a "q" on Keyboard 1 and a "Q" on Keyboard 2, but then what if I add a third QWERTY keyboard? :-)

There are utilities like GamePad Companion that make some of these kinds of distinctions, but I don't know if GamePad Companion works with regular ol' QWERTY keyboards. And if I didn't need such a utility, so much the better?

Has anyone else tried to construct a Live button matrix from standard cheapo USB QWERTY keyboards?


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Re: Using multiple QWERTY keyboards to control Live 8?

Post by Muzik 4 Machines » Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:54 pm

no, all "q" press on any of the keyboards will do the same thing, as the computer wont differentiate between keyboards, which can be useful in some circumstances (like a keyboard in the studio and one in the control room to control the transport wherever you are)