Projects freezing when loading - what to try?

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Projects freezing when loading - what to try?

Post by RD444 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:56 pm

Projects freezing when loading - what to try?

I've had a bit of frustrating few hours

I made some music but have been getting - out of memory errors all week. So i removed lots of tracks. (there wasn't really that many) and i removed a few bit i actually still liked that were muted

The project had mostly audio a few synths and a few FX. It wasn't really stacked

The project was crashing while saving (and not saving) a few times
but after I removed a few tracks it saved without crashing.

when i have gone to open the projects it has took ages (7 minutes and just stuck on the audio clips disabled) and has not loaded just hung not responding.

restarting the computer and trying to load the projects. Gradually going down the list of earlier saves until i got on e that loaded......Its been a real night mare.

then i tried to "save a copy"
it saved
but hung when loading the "save a copy"

Q1 Is something else going wrong?
Q2 has Recovering my work from the out of memory crashes corrupted the project?
Q3 i'm on a PC do i need to delete a config file or something?
Q4 What steps can i take to insure that this "hang loading" thing doesn't happen again?
Q5 will "save a copy" have fixed this?

I just want to be musical. but I've spent 3 hours watching live create bug reports and then hanging and watching my PC reboot endlessly.

Any ideas or input welcome
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