Geist keeps playing (n00b question)

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Geist keeps playing (n00b question)

Post by Dutchie12 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:44 pm

Hi Guys,

After two days of searching the internet and trying different things i decided to post my question here. I just started using Ableton 8.2.2. on my HP dualcore 2.2 GHz running windows 7 and am having troubles with the Geist plugin.

I've put Geist in a midi tracks and finished up a drum pattern. But when i start the clip (which is empty by the way, no text or anything) which should contain the pattern it doesn't stop after 1 bar. Well, the clip stops but Geist keeps on playing the pattern. Also, nothing shows up in the "piano roll" i even tried recording in the sampler, notes are detected but no audio.

I did what's explained in this topic: but the problem isn't solved.

When i freeze the track the problem is solved but that way i cant use the effect while recording.

Any help would me much appreciated, if more info is required, let me know!