Live don't follow time and signature changes

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Live don't follow time and signature changes

Post by taiani-vincent » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:44 pm


Me and my band are using Live to play live.
We have got some pieces of music wich needs time and tempo changes.
Example : 9/8-30bpm to 3/4-125bpm
We ask Live to play to pieces of background sounds. ( We cutted the whole track into to pieces )
We are working in session mode, putting the first piece on a line named 9/8 30bpm and
the second piece on a other a line named 3/4 125bpm. ( Plus other sounds played by us when we need )

The problem :
When we "click" to change from line 1 to line 2, Live plays something like 3 beats more than needed.
Something like the 1/3 of a 9/8 30bpm measure. ( or sometime one beat perhaps )

We did not try to Warp our 2 pieces of background track. Is it the way to solve this problem?
Is there an other way to have perfect time and metric change at the right time with soundtrack

I thank you in advance for answering,
and please excuse my bad English speaking,