Arpeggiator behaving very erratically

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Arpeggiator behaving very erratically

Post by bosskite » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:59 am

As much as I love trying to use it, I have always had a problem with the arpeggiator in Ableton. The issue is the way it behaves when receiving note messages. Sometimes it triggers the sequence as it should, but 75% of the time, the sequence is delayed by 1 sync measure and plays the sequence 1 measure late.

I'm pretty sure that it's not any settings, and was hoping someone can shed light on the issue as it is driving me a little crazy.

To clarify. If I draw a quantized note in a clip (or in the arrange) 1 beat long, and set my arpeggitaor sync rate to 16ths, I would expect to hear 4 16th notes played in sequence. However, more often than not, I hear one 16th note rest (silence) followed by 3 16th notes from the start of the sequence. Once the sequence is repeated, all notes are played, but once a new note message is sent, the gap appears again.

I am currently using live (8.2.4)
Please help!