Modifying the samples sliced to a midi track

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Modifying the samples sliced to a midi track

Post by onice » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:36 am

I'm using an MPK49 with Ableton, and I'm trying to make better use of the pads. I've learned how to take an audio track, add warp points, and slice it to a midi track - but now I'd like to take one of those slices and get a slightly slower version on the next pad.

Basically, if I take some audio and make a MIDI track of it, I can play it at its original speed with middle C. This is the sample I have set to one of my pads. I want the sample played by Bb set to another pad. I know I could obviously modify the speed of the sample manually and drag that onto a pad- but I'm sure there must be some really simple way of extracting the Bb version of the sample so that I can use it on my original MIDI track made with slices.

It's a little difficult explaining what I'm talking about but hopefully that was clear enough that you all know what I mean.

Thanks :)

Edit: I finally figured it out - I can copy the same sample over to the next pad and transpose it :D