Positively Desperate

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Positively Desperate

Post by kately » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:32 am

I am desperate with a deadline in 5 hours.

This is my situation. Trying to export heavy fx tracks for sound design project in Ableton. Exports have never been a problem before until tonight when the project is due.

First: Everything is working perfectly and then I start to have an export issue. I'm exporting quite a few tracks but do not have overload/CPU/RAM warning yet I realize some of my tracks are cutting in and out (within the .wav or .aiff export, I hear levels dipping that are NOT automated in Live's playback. This is not a "my mix sounds better in live" issue. This is weirdness in only a couple tracks, very erratic weirdness. The mix is overall just as it needs to be otherwise in the export.....

And I have tried exporting at every bit rate, with and without dithering etc. No help.

Next: Now after this happens I go back to Live to see whattup and....no audio plays back at all anymore....all grey audio meters yet nothing is soloed? All tracks "yellow" selected. What does grey audio mean?

It is quite challenging at 3am to deal with this sensibly on my own when my job is on the line. Is this something that is remotely familiar? I will be forever indebted to you if you can help. Calling Ableton too.
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