Launching Relative Scenes via MIDI

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Launching Relative Scenes via MIDI

Post by kanthos » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:46 pm

I'm in the middle of setting up Live to handle my live keyboard rig plus my band's click track and loops. I have six tracks for loops that may or may not contain a clip in a given scene, plus other tracks for my keyboard sounds which aren't important here.

Each scene I have corresponds to a part of the song. For example, I might have Intro, Verse, Prechorus, Chorus, Bridge, and Ending scenes for a song. In general, I want to launch the scene for each part of the song, as we get to it, to trigger the right loops, and I want to hit a button on my MIDI keyboard to do that. The obvious behaviour would be to make sure Select Next Scene on Launch is turned on in the options and designate a single button to launch the selected scene, so I just need to hit a button to launch each scene, in order, as I need it.

I only need six unique scenes for this example, but the actual roadmap for the song might be I, V, PC, C, V, PC, C, B, C, E, which would take 10 scenes if I were to represent each one in order. Adding duplicated scenes isn't an issue on its own, but sometimes my band takes a song in a different direction; maybe they go back to the pre-chorus unexpectedly after the bridge. To do the loops right, I'd need a way to jump back to a Prechorus scene and a way to jump forward to the right Chorus scene so that the next scene after that would be the Ending, as we'd expect.

Of course, I can click to do that, but it's much easier to hit a button on a controller than position a mouse. What I'm hoping to be able to do is manually select the first scene in a song and then use a number of buttons to launch the scenes that are an offset from that. In my example, button 1 would launch the Intro, 2 -> Verse, 3 -> Prechorus, etc, all without changing the selection at all, which would make jumping around much easier.

I know that I can MIDi-map the previous and next scene buttons, and use those to quickly navigate, but I'd rather hit only one button. Is this possible, without using a dedicated controller like the AKAI APC40 that lets you launch a specific scene within the window of selected scenes? I'm essentially trying to get that exact behaviour without buying another controller that I don't need or have space for in my rig.