Cubase 6.5 + Ableton 8.2.8 = Crash

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Legion Of Two
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Cubase 6.5 + Ableton 8.2.8 = Crash

Post by Legion Of Two » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:11 pm

Had to buy a new laptop.
64bit Win7 8Gb ram i5 dual core (pretty hard (and silly) to get a 32bit system thiese days). RME Multiface/Express Card HSDPe

Using Cubase 6.5 with Ableton 8.2.8 as rewire slave - all 32bit.
Recording live drums into cubase with ableton providing the track via rewire (all tracks flattened).
After about 6 minutes of recording Ableton crashes - every time.
Sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions?
Should I have mulitcore support enabled on both apps?
Any other gotcha's running it on 64bit?

I've had a few other Live crashes too but this kills it everytime.

I send in 4 different crash reports last night (waiting for response), just looking to see if anyone has fixed similar problems.