Hard disc overload playing back one song!

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Hard disc overload playing back one song!

Post by ToxicAmygdala » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:10 pm

Hey peeps of the ableton forum!

I have a serious problem here.
Got live for years ago and I recently got a new PC. An Packard Bell Easynote TK

"AMD phenom II X4 N950
AMD Radeon Hd 6650M, 1Gig VRam"

I have an m-audio fast track audio interface and everything was working perfectly until just now. If I load up a completely new project and drag one single clip into one of the clip-slots and start playback the "Hard disc overload" Starts to blink and I get a lot of audio-drop outs.It is only one track playing and i get Hard disc overload? Surely this can't be right as my computer can handle far more complex programs which takes up a lot more CPU.

Please help me!

P.s. I Have tried to put the clip into RAM mode, did not work. Re installed audio-drivers, no result.