Ableton Locking "temporarily" at two consistent times. Lion

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Ableton Locking "temporarily" at two consistent times. Lion

Post by TwoPort » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:00 pm

After *up*grading to Lion the newest version of Ableton is locking or choking in two specific ways...

MacBook Pro (2009) Unibody 4 Gigs Ram.

1. After operating for maybe 5 minutes or so it will freeze up for maybe a minute (the whole computer freezes) and then "releases" and operates as before. This seems to happen every time the computer is restarted ...

2. During performance if I dyanamically play the piano "harder" - the Alicia's Keys - it "pauses" to the extent that the click loses time... it is a disappointing glitch that ruins performance.

Any ideas? I'm thinking of going back to Snow Leopard but hate the work involved.