using momentary functions with a midi note message.

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using momentary functions with a midi note message.

Post by benjamingordon » Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:30 pm


i have 2 launchpads and i want one of them to have 4 rows of momentary cc's.

if i use auto map it messes everything up.

i want to use launchpad 1 in native user1 mode and launchpad 2 in auto map mode.

at the moment it doesn't seem possible and ableton and the mac gets confused to which launchpad is which and they start mirroring each other.... the green light on user1 launchpad1 starts to flash and it just gets far too confusing.

is there another solution without auto map that will allow me to have some momentary functions on certain rows of the launchpad.

this is for momentary beat repeats on 8 bus channels.