Curious metronome bleeding into the Line in recording

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Curious metronome bleeding into the Line in recording

Post by taffmonster » Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:33 am

So last night I had something very curious happen. I plugged my bass in to my audio interface "line in" and I recorded a bass part. When I played back the recording to my astonishment, I could hear the metronome in the bass recording. It was very low in level but it was there none the less. Now I might expect this kind of bleeding if I had been recording with a mic as the sound of the metronome in my headphones could have bled into the mic but this was a line in recording. I really cannot understand why the metronome would be caught by a "line in".

Any ideas ? I've never experienced this before.

Maybe my set up might be of use:
Macbook pro, Edirol FA-66, Cheap shitty fernandes bass, I also had my AT2035 mic plugged into the line 1 (bass line in was on line 2 but the mic wasn't selected as a recording input in ableton). I wasn't using my speakers rather as I had headphones plugged into the edirol. Also the bass recording itself sounded very clear. I had HiZ on the bass for better impedance and the sensitivity was way up because the bass is shity and has a low output.