Changing cc values to prevent launchpad+axiom conflict

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Changing cc values to prevent launchpad+axiom conflict

Post by Isturite- » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:35 pm

I have a really serious problem... It all started when I accidentally pressed a button on m axiom pro 49 which changed the preset on it, changed it back, and the midi went whack... First all of the cc values on the knobs and sliders were the same so mapping to different things ended up controlling all of them at the same time with each knob, kinda crazy.... Figured out how to get the axiom presets set for ableton, had other problems that i figured out... but now the midi from the axiom is conflicting with my launchpad, cc 106 is a knob on the axiom and also the mixer select on my launchpad, so i cant press one without the other messing up. I've been searching for a fix for this for hours today! All I've found is unresolved threads...

There HAS to be a way for this to work, because it was working fine until i pressed something. I am reading the manual for the axiom but I only see one solution, and that is changing the cc values on the knobs, but then wouldn't I just have a problem with them conflicting with other cc values on the launchpad?. Is anybody familiar using these two devices together? (I use them for my live sets, so i really need 'full' control, so i cant just turn off the midi output to the launchpad, I lost mapping ability on it)....

sry to be so wordy... this has just been really complicated for me, and have never had problems like this using other midi devices with my launchpad (EVER!)... the axiom pro seems much harder to program than my old mpk25 that broke on me, I'm just hoping somebody can shed some light on this for me, I'm desperate for ANY help I need it to be fixed for my shows! please : )

Kevin Welch