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Post by sykora » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:55 am

So I'm really new to Ableton and know very little of VSTs. I want to try out some free VSTs, mainly strings but I can't quite figure it out. I've downloaded several different packages online but some show up as .dll files even though it's for my Mac. Even the plug-ins that show up Library/Audio/Plug-Ins don't show up in Live. I'm currently using a trial version while I test it out before I buy it, but Ableton's limited instruments is one reason I want to try out different VSTs before paying for it.

So what are the best free VSTs and how do I get them to show up so I can use these? I'm looking for basic instruments: strings, pianos, brass, woodwinds etc. I plan on buying a few from Ableton's Library, but I'd like to try some free ones first.

The ones I downloaded were Kontakt, Real Factory Selections (one's a player?), MicroOrganMKIII, StringSynth, Cheeze Machine etc, but can't get any to show up in Live.