Question: Export mix or single loop?

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Question: Export mix or single loop?

Post by Buzzfunk » Wed Dec 19, 2001 2:01 am

It would be great to export a mix into a single audio file. Also i want to be able to export or bounce anything thats within the loop section.

Do you guys planning on adding those features?


export n bounce

Post by position49 » Wed Dec 19, 2001 11:10 pm

it already possiple to bounce a mix. you got to switch the input source of your recording track to "master input". now you can record what you hear in a new audio Clip... even in loop mode. a perfekt loop is what you get !!!


Post by Buzzfunk@home » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:00 pm do u record an audio clip?? i think im stupid. The record button on the top controler is only for automation. Explain?