warp marker creation?

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dongle kong

warp marker creation?

Post by dongle kong » Mon Feb 11, 2002 6:51 pm

quick question: how does one create new warp markers? I can't find it in the demo manual. Are you supposed to just move the existing ones around or is it some sort of key command? BTW: rob, christian, you guys are great! I love the new Valis album! Did you use live in its production at all? If not, what?
thanks in advance.....

Dongle Kong

Syncing accapella hiphop/sloppy drums

Post by Dongle Kong » Tue Feb 12, 2002 9:37 pm

Ok, so I re-read the "timewarping" section of the live product page. It appears that one cannot create new warp markers(or maybe I still have it wrong?).
What I'd like to do is take say an accapella hip-hop track and sync it with my own shorter loops. Does this require droping it into ReCycle and trimming the whole track into one seamless loop?
This would be a pain in the ass, and I also seem to remember a similar post in which this wasn't working out for the person.
I know you should be able to drop a long, raw track into Live and, as long as its semi-close to the original tempo, sync it with shorter loops by adjusting the warp markers/loop length/start point functions.
So what is the best way to do this?
Start at the first warp marker and start nudging? The middle? Trim loop length?
How would one use Live to to tighten up sloppy live drums? Possible?
Sorry for the long post...got carried away..
Thanks in advance......


warp markers

Post by guest » Wed Feb 13, 2002 2:31 am

If you double click on a warp marker in the sample view, you will be able to drag it around to change/line up the beat(it\'ll stay where you put it). This way you can move beats around in time. You don\'t need to make any new markers--they are already there. You simply need to activate and move them.

Does that make sense?



more markers

Post by Guest » Wed Feb 13, 2002 2:35 am

I read your post again and one more thing came to mind. If a clip isn't a perfect loop, all you have to do is move the start and end points so that a perfect loop is made (if that's what you are going for. It isn't necesary for all types of clips). Then go in and move the warp markers around to line up the beats.