motu828 + asio

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motu828 + asio

Post by gw » Fri Feb 15, 2002 3:49 am

i'm running a powerbook w/ the motu828. the soundmanager drivers for the 828 work fine, but when i attempt enabling the asio drivers i get the following message..

Could not open the audio device output /
MOTU 828

the asio drivers are installed properly into the live directory, so i can't figure out why things won't gel.


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Post by bsom » Fri Feb 15, 2002 5:27 am

do you have the latest version of Live? 1.1? This problem was fixed in the version prior to that [can't remember number] and works flawlessly for me using 828 driver v2.1 and Live 1.1 on OS 9.2.2
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Post by Guest » Fri Feb 15, 2002 8:54 am


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Post by FrankH » Tue Feb 26, 2002 8:06 pm


I run Live v1.1 on a Dual G4 450MHz Mac OS 9.1 a MOTU 2408,
PCI-324 ASIO driver v2.1 and an Emagic AMT8, OMS v2.3.8

Configuring my Audio in the Preferences window i get the folowing message:

Failed to open audio device "MOTU

help, i've tryed many things but can't find a solution.

Frank Heijkamp


Post by muchomaas » Wed Feb 27, 2002 3:36 pm

I have the same problem! I'm running a 2408 on a DP 533, MidiExpress XT, FreeMidi 1.46, MAS 2.33, and pci 324 driver v2.1...

...If I could get this to work I'd be in heaven.