New Live 5 user here, seeing strange behaviour...

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New Live 5 user here, seeing strange behaviour...

Post by glitchrock-buddha » Fri Oct 14, 2005 1:55 am

Hey all, I've recently fell in love with Ableton live after reading up on it and trying the demo. I just bought it, and i gotta say, this interface is killer, and if possible i may eventually completely convert from logic. Before that happens though, a couple issues...

Let me first say i'm on a 1.67Gb powerbook, 1Gb ram, OS 10.3.9., Live 5.02, Presonus Firebox.
firstly, it's basically unusable after about 75% cpu registered. that's using audio unit plug-ins with no audio tracks/loops going. As soon as it gets up there, i get crackles, drop outs, extreme sluggishness. I realize the gui will slow down as the meter rises, but for such slow, discontinuous audio around 75%? That just won't do. I've tried changing buffer settings. Currently got both plug-in/audio at 512. I tend to use some high cpu plugs such as reaktor, so its common for me to have a couple going that may be 30-40% apiece. I don't mind the limit, as bouncing is fine, but i need to a few going at a time at least. Having my max power reduced to around 3/4 is bringing me below the comfort zone. Any ideas how this can be optimized, or is this just how it works, crapping out at 75%??

Second, rewire appears to be useless. Live doesn't loop properly, i often get a weird stutter of the first beat in live when it looped in logic. I won't be using that at all. Is that par for the course at the monment? Also, My cpu meter in logic shows huge spikes when live is rewired. For example i loaded adamjay's test set, and although live's meter hovered in the 60-70% range, logic's meter, though hovering at the same range, spiked often to 100%! I'm wondering if this has to do with my first query. btw, with this set, i was even getting the odd crackle.

Lastly, it's crashed a couple times (I know, they're working on it), usually with a native instruments plug like kontakt (which are now quite stable with logic). I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced greater stability with the AU or VST version of certain plug-ins, namely those i have listed.

Thanks all, hope to hear back, have a wicked one....
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Post by RobStrobe » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:12 pm

in my opinion is what you got a typical MAC/LIVE problem...
even i don´t understand why that so is...

hope there will be a good solution some day...

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Post by sungwei » Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:32 am

It's not a "typical MAC problem" I have a PC and get the same type of issues. Others with PCs also have similar problems.

glitchrock, just be patient. I'm kind of (actually REALLY) frustrated at Ableton right now too. However, I do have faith that they will come up with solutions. Let's face it. If they don't they'd kind of be out of business right? I hope for all of us that there will be a solution soon and the same brilliance that made Live 4 will come back.

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