A few things...

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A few things...

Post by hat » Mon Mar 31, 2003 5:30 pm

First off, hello to all. I'm a new member having just bought Live a
couple of weeks ago. I find it a great addition to ProTools and Reason.

Despite sifting through the manual time and again, a few annoying things are occuring in Live, some being common with other users as well.

-samples are all of a sudden 'offline', even though the file resides in the designated folder.

-When quitting a set, after the 'save' dialog, a new one appears asking if I'd like to move any unreferenced samples. If I click yes, my Mac completely locks up, forcing a reboot. This is not intermitent, it's constant.
As a result, I've just been clink on 'no' in order to move on.

-I sometimes notice a track being automated when I haven't done anything to alter it's parameters (ie: the volume starts fluctuating on it's own), very odd.

system spec:
Mac G4 867 - OS 9.2.2
640mb ram
Live 2.0.3

Thanks for any help, looking forward to being active on this board.