Ableton 5 and Trigger Finger

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Ableton 5 and Trigger Finger

Post by mikeb103 » Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:18 am

How do i get the trigger finger to map out the midi like a keyboard. So it goes lowest to highest. I am new to this. If any body knows how to switch banks on the trigger finger, please let me know.

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Post by rlahalla » Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:49 pm

switching banks on the trigger finger - hit the "memory recall" button [the first rubber button on the left] and then hit one of the 16 rubber pads.

If you'd like the trigger finger to trigger a different note with each pad, do as follows - hit the "memory recall" and "prog/bank change" buttons at the same time. When th lights on those two buttons start blinking, hit the pad you'd like to change the note. after you hit the pad, then at the top, spin the knob labelled "C1/Note/Min" [or the "C2/CC" knob to change CC's] until you have it where you want it. After you change the value, hit the "Memory recall" button again as it also doubles as the "Save & Exit" button. Repeat the procedure until all your pads are programmed.

Or you could just use the Enigma Librarian, but it's kind of hit or miss with that.