a few questions for YOU!

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a few questions for YOU!

Post by emptypond » Mon Mar 13, 2006 11:04 pm

just started learning/using ableton and so far i love it, read the manual and the forums for these seemingly simple questions but havent found the info
any help would be greatly appreciated, thx :)

1) when resampling to a new audio clip is there any way to preset the length of the new
audio clip, so that it stops recording exactly after 2 bars for example

2) is there any way to launch different clips from different scenes simultaneously
without copy/pasting these clips to their own scene

3) when inserting an audio clip into arrangement view that isnt the exact length you
would like is there any way to to actually cut the clip into the correct length
something like what split does, except not set different start/end markers on the
same clip but actually make 2 different clips, or even just remove the excess
length at end or start of clip permanently

4) there must be a better way to queue a clip for playback to be resampled other then pressing play then stop and then rewinding the beat counter to 1.1.1 ? this is what im currently doing and im pretty sure its not how its supposed to be done :?