have loaded 5.2 over 5.0.3 and it crashes

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have loaded 5.2 over 5.0.3 and it crashes

Post by cosypete » Thu Apr 20, 2006 9:28 pm

Dear Forum,

I am a new user to Live and it is Fab. I loaded on the 5.0.3 version and no real problems. I then loaded on the 5.2 no problems. By mistake I opened the 5.03 shortcut and instinctively then opened the 5.2. It took a while for the programmes to open together and then there was an error message saying something about a rewire problem. I closed them down and then opened 5.2 and it said that the audio was disabled. I went to go to the preferences and change the audio and it says that 5.2 had generated an error message and must be closed down. Happens every time. So I tried 5.0.3 and the same message again.

So nothing works. Should I have uninstalled 5.0.3 first. Opening the 2 together by accident has that totally freaked it. Should I uninstall 5.2 and start again and not press the both of them or do I have to start all over again.

My system is windows 2000 athlon 3000+ processor and an audigy zs platinum.

Any help gratefully recieved as I ahve a big project on the go and only Lve will do.

many thanks

Cosy Pete