[unknown compound stream type] - way to recover?

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[unknown compound stream type] - way to recover?

Post by philo » Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:43 am

Im getting an error i cannot find any info about.. I was working in a set and my cpu shut off right when i was saving a track , it is the only copy of one of the best tracks ive ever done.. I saved it right before my pc shutoff i thought i saved it just in time.. but wrong.. I saved it just in time to ruin the file completely.. Any help would save my sanity.. Im just going to hold on to this corrupted file incase someone in the future figures this problem out .. Anyway let me know what ya find out.. and if anyone knows what this error is or how to fix it please let me know..

the error i get is..

" An error occured while reading "The Directory the .als file is in" . Apparently, the document was created by a more recent, and incompatible, version of live then this.

[unknown compound stream type]

i have tried opening the file in the original version of live it was created on 5.0.3 and the newest version of live 5.2 on both it crashes the second u open the file and gives this error..

is there a way to repair this file!? HELP!!!.. 8O

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Re: [unknown compound stream type] - way to recover?

Post by mickeybabaji » Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:10 pm

AARRRG i have the same problem!!!

well this post is nearly 3 years old, and i dont see any solution. I guess til live set is gone :(