playback glitches?

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playback glitches?

Post by hat » Tue Aug 05, 2003 12:19 am

I absolutely love Live, been using it extensively but have failed to ask why in so many instances, playback seems to hiccup, even if there are no more than 2 or 3 samples hitting the same spot, and this on some pretty fast Macs (one is a QS 867 with 640mb of RAM runing OS 9.2.2 / Live 2.1.1, the other is an iBook 900mhz with 512mb of RAM running OSX)!

For example, there are some horn stabs in one of my recent tracks, but they come a few milliseconds late on playback, however, if I place my timeline start time on that downbeat, it plays it fine (there's no dead air before the hit, it's trimmed to perfection). Funny thing is, it always does it at very specific points in the song, sometimes when there's only 1 sample clip playing on it's own (the red CPU light will flash for a second, etc.).

I've assigned about 250mb of memory to Live on OS9, should I allocate more? I've defragged both Macs recently, trying to think of other reasons why this happens so often, but running Reason and ProTools is rock solid?

Any help would be lovely, thanks everyone.