problem with my remote 25

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problem with my remote 25

Post by Rayko » Sun Aug 27, 2006 6:00 pm

Hi. I have been triying to assign some controls (clip start, stop,...) to my Novation remote 25. (press midi - everything became blue - select any function -push the button you want to control that function). The problem is that some control works and others doesn´t. In any case, the midi in signal (upper right corner) turn on when i push the buttons so live is receiving the midi signal. For example, I select one of the buttons below the faders to stop clips in track1. When i push it the midi in signal turn on but the stop clips one doesn´t

Could somebody hep me?

I have the remote 25 os version 2.3, live 5.2.1 (osx),

PD: i have tried the novation midi compatibility app, but nothing changes