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Live 6.01 shows cpu peaks

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 9:18 pm
by krikor
I get cpu peaks on my PBG4 1giga with different sessions made in LIVE5, i didn't have off course any peaks in live5. It does not seem to get higher on the average cpu meter except for the peaks but off course i can really feel that the computer is slower on it...I actually even get some slowing down on the audio out with the built in audio out, which i didn't encouter on live5 even with the soundcard.
Is this normal? i know Live6 is optimized for Double cpu and double cores, but is it that more stressy on single cpu machines such as the g4?
If so i guess i'll just have to wait to get a macbook... as it is now it's impossible for me to play live with it, cause i can't cut off the effect i'm using... too bad i wish i could have used the racks instead of manually changing all my impulse presets, i was dreaming of a relief to the pain in the ass that is the presets managing since version 5 in live situation...