6.0.7 PC - Overloads/Distortion in multipath routings

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6.0.7 PC - Overloads/Distortion in multipath routings

Post by Khazul » Sat May 05, 2007 5:07 pm

OK - this is a complex problem, so I'll try describe the audio routing in this track.

This is using Live 6.0.7 on a PC with WinXP in session mode.

Virus TI VC plug-in and 3 midi parts - all fine
Stylus RMX - 6 midi parts - again all fine
A bunch of MIDI external synth parts - now muted - again all those are fine
A bunch of audio loops - record from the now muted external synth parts

Now for the more complex bit:
I have everything mixed into two sub mixes by creating a couple of audio tracks with no input. All of the audio and VSTi tracks have their output sent to one of these two audio sub mix tracks - Ive Labelled themn Mix A and Mix B.

There is an additional sub mix called Mix C which takes its input from Mix B (Post Mixer).

Mix A has its output set to master.
Mix B has its output set to Mix A.

So effectively Mix A is a master mix into an insert fx to mangle it hell - basically its going through a variation of the Fade to Grey preset fx rack.
Mix B is a bassline and rhythm mix so it can be split off to C.
Mix C just has an automated EQ on it so I can bring up the bass and rhythm unmangled while mangling Mix A.

Follow this so far?

OK I have an automation on the Fade to Grey insert on Mix A - that works fine... until...

I added Mix C as a track to split off the Bass and Rhythm as above and stuck an automated EQ on it - its in a rack with a macro assigned to control the Lo Freq and Lo Gain togther for a standard level and EQ up sweep.

Now its seems that as soon as the both automations take the levels off zero, then all hell breaks loose and both Mix A and Mix C distort badly and go into total overload until the automations return the fade to grey variation back to zero again.

The automations are done with audio clips containing 32 bars of recorded silence (is there no other way to do this with clips in submix tracks?)

If I run either the Mix A or Mic automation clip on its own - all is OK. Only happens when both are run together.

There are no accidental audio feedback paths - I checked that. Also sometimes it doesnt break until part through the automation, so unlikely to be a feedback loop anyway.

Anyone else had anything similar? Particularly when setting up more complex submix routings with automations of fx on each?

BTW - CPU while all this crap is going on is at about 22%, Dual core PC and multi-core support enabled.

Its certainly *really* pissing me off - miss the old days when hardware just worked and none of this hassle. It would be so nice to get a DAW that just works...

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Post by Khazul » Sat May 05, 2007 5:27 pm

Discovered the problem - switch off multi-core support on options and its works.

Looks like multi-cpu support in Live 6 is hosed - Grrrrrrr!!!!!