Upgrade from live 6 to live 7 - risky if i love my sets?

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Geo Safari
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Upgrade from live 6 to live 7 - risky if i love my sets?

Post by Geo Safari » Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:11 pm

I bought live 6 late last year, and so I've just got my new serial number so i can free upgrade to live 7. However, Im just wondering if its safe to upgrade. Some of my live 6 sets are really precious!!! I've read some users are having problems opening old sets. Can you install live 7 on top of live 6? I'm running osx and I love the fact that live 6 is such a stable workstation for me! I would love to hear user's experiences on upgrading. lol, would live 7 help me sort out my latency issues with resampling midi as audio?
Maybe I should wait until I've finished my music degree, cos i need these files to keep working!! Is it likely that future updates will fix the major bugs ppl are reporting ? Cheers. Sorry for the barrage of questions.



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Post by laird » Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:23 pm

I'm on a PC, I switched from Live 6 running XP to Live 7 running on Vista,
and my old sets open up just fine. Sound exactly the same. All the VSts work fine. Etc...

Are you reading about people having trouble opening up old sets?
I've read a number of threads about people not being able to open up Live 6 files on Live 6, after they've installed Live 7, because Live 7 took over the library.

I never used the library for sounds, I always made my own.
But I think their problem wasn't "Live 7 wont open Live 6 files OK", instead it was "Live 6 wont open Live 6 files OK after I install Live 7".

But maybe I've missed the important threads.

Live 7 installs "next to" Live 6, at least on a PC... it doesn't overwrite Live 6... at least on the PC. (ok, not right "next to" Live 6... in a seperate folder you can put next to the Live 6 folder)