Hard Disk Overload Indicator

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Hard Disk Overload Indicator

Post by fishtank » Thu Jan 10, 2002 2:03 pm

Well its happened. My 7200rpm scussi drive is not enough for complex live sequencing.

I have created 40+ tracks in a work and I am finding the overload indicator is on most of the time. While not all of these tracks are running simultaneously (21 are) it seems all too much for my hard disk to dish up to live.

I guess scussi drives @ 15,000rpm is the solution to this problem.

I also am running reason and pulsar. Reason has 3 parts feeding in on one track in live.

Anyone else in a simular situation?

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Post by Ableton admin » Thu Jan 10, 2002 4:41 pm

hi fishtank.

i just talked to our developers and they had to laugh: really 40 tracks!
what about bouncing a bit? The HD is in trouble, cause the head has to move very much. An IDE HD is normally a bit better today than scsi and also a faster cpu could help, but the best thing is to bounce some clips.


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Post by fishtank » Fri Jan 11, 2002 1:04 pm

40 tracks isn't that bad!! They don't all go at once!! What else do you expect for complex electronic music. You simply gotta use lots of tracks!!! This isn't rock and roll!!!

Bouncing down could work but you would lose flexibility in the track.

My processor is a PIII 1GHz with 512 ram. Thats gotta be enough. I have 2 drives, one is a 7200rpm ide (main drive) and the second is the old scussi (the track live here).

I would be suprised if there were not other artists out there using this many tracks for a tune.

Happy all the same:>


Post by sequessenz » Fri Jan 11, 2002 11:32 pm

well...i have a similar problem.

for example the hd overload led is lightning almost always at the end and restart of a loop with a short break of about 40ms. this not only happens if i have 20 tracks playing simultaniously, but also if there are only 3 or 5. and i tested the same with a ramdrive, means, i copied all wavs to a drive thats virtually only in memory, but the problem wasn´t solved by this.

anyone else had this problem? might this be a problem of live or do i have some compatibility and performance probs with my hardware?

i run it at:

amd 1.4 ghz, elitegroup k7s5a (sis735 chipset)
512 ddr ram, ide 7200 u/min 9ms seagate barracuda IV, creamware luna 2 and pulsar xtc (luna os ver. 2.5, scope asio driver), asus v7200 geforce 2mx 400 dual screen (with detonator xp 23.11 driver), d-link ethernet 100mbit card, usb logitech mouse,

there are no hardware conflicts, i have newest bios and driver of my mobo, not the newest driver of luna (cause they want 99 euro for the update :(), and the hd´s dma is enabled and it is defragmented. but everything works fine with reason, cubase or whatelse.
i am sure live should run on my machine, but it is completely useless for live performance, unless i cant use the loop function, and i am sure its not normal, that there is a short break after the loop end is reached and begins to play from the beginning.

so well, what could be the problem? could anyone help? please!

ps: the buffer is hard set to 512 samples.... i cant change this. might this be not enough? how could i change it program external? increasing latency doenst have any effect on this problem.


everthing works now

Post by sequessenz » Sun Jan 13, 2002 10:16 pm

WOW! thnx ableton!! :D

i just installed the update 1.1 and everything is great now!!
no more problems...great work and go on like this ableton.

ableton for best audiosoftware firm 2002!! ;)

greez sequessenz

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Post by remoteworker » Tue Jan 15, 2002 4:47 pm


This works if your HD light is a bit frisky.(especially if you are using a PBG3 internal drive)
As long as you have enough ram (512mb should be enough) then my advice is create a Ram disk (300mb should be enough) then copy the samples you are using to it, reload the samples into Live (from Ram Disk)result: Instant loading of samples/ no HD probs/ everyone is happy...for now. :!: