asio performance problem/difference

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asio performance problem/difference

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 10, 2002 9:22 pm

also with latest Live 1.1 version (and all previous too) I have a heavy CPU load with the RME hammerfall card on a 533 Dual G4 - it's about 17% CPU load when Live is not even playing (no difference on various buffer sizes).

But if I use the (usually worse performance) Digidesign Direct I/O Asio into live I'm about 13-14% CPU load which is similar to Soundmanager CPU performance.

I allready have reported this problem longer ago to the Live support but it seems not possible to adress this issue so far for one of the most efficient ASIO cards available on a mac - a RME Hammerfall 52/96 using lates drivers.

Any news from ableton or other user comments about other ASIO drivers and their current performance ?

I use a G4/533 dual, Mac OS 9.2.2, :( :(

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Post by Headz2 » Mon Jan 21, 2002 12:46 pm

buh, I can't believe no one commented this one so far (even not the admin with a: 'we're working on this issue' comment....) I've understand it's about the overall CPU efficiency of the LIVE 1.1 application that is talked about here.....

Why is an allmost known very efficient ASIO driver (RME hammerfall) showing a lot worse performance in LIVE compared to the known ineefiecient soundmanager driver.... ???


Post by SimpleBrit » Tue Jan 22, 2002 6:39 am

Running 3ms + 1ms on a Mixtreme here, XP. Solid as a rock withe plenty of fx going.

2 things to point out here...

1) The Mixtreme drivers SLAUGHTER anything else available on PC, I also have RME kit here as well which obviously is superb kit as well. W2K\XP\GSIF\ASIO and no waiting until 2 years after an OS's release for a driver or beta rubbish either.

2) With regard RME's TotalMix, Mixtreme has had a more flexible system than this as part of the software for the last 3 years. Oh and the BEAUTIFUL Soundscape EQ has just been made a free update to the system, if Soundscape kit (recently bought out by Mackie no less) is good enough for the likes of Andy Neve, it's good enough for me.

Check out Mackie's site for what they will be doing with the Mixtreme\Soundscape hardware announced at NAMM. The control surface, Mixtreme, converter package will be a killer.